.NET MVC Web Application for Invoicing in .NET MVC

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Project Description

Azgaard invoicing is a .NET MVC application built for use by general contractors. The project required the general contractor to send invoices to be sent to sub trades to provide details about how much had work been done that month.

They also required administration of those invoices being sent out, with e-mail reminders, and making sure sub trades had submitted the appropriate documentation.

What We Did

We chose .NET MVC for it’s ability to build web applications quickly that are flexible to changing requirements. We hosted the application on Azure and used SendGrid for sending e-mails. Azure batch processes were used for sending e-mails.

We also leveraged UX designers to see how the application was used and where we could improve on the design.


The application is still being used by general contractors as well as expanding still as client needs are added and changed. As the process is refined, the application is flexible and changes with it.

The application was built using .NET MVC framework with plenty of AJAX and jQuery in the interface to make for an interactive experience.

The system integrates with Sage accounting to enter the records of transactions when invoices were approved.