WordPress Plugin for Filterable Google Map

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Project Description

The client setup a WordPress site with a listing of all the data they needed with campsites, hiking locations, and sites of interest in WordPress. They were looking to have this data (already entered in WordPress) to be displayable by an interactive map.

Different attraction types would have different custom pins. Also, when pins on the Google Maps were clicked, details about the location would pop up.

The user would also be able to dynamically filter the data displayed based on different things (location, features, attraction type, etc)

What We Did

We built a plugin from scratch for their needs, pulling the data they’ve already entered and laying it out on the map as requested. The plugin was built using the WordPress plugin API, and the Google Maps API.


The plugin was installed like any public use plugin, and was coded so it could be easily read and changed by another developer in the future. The client was very pleased with the result and the plugin is still used on the site to this day.