Add a timed popup contact or subscribe form to a SquareSpace, WordPress, or HTML site

Want to create a popup that doesn’t immediately harass your visitors when they come to your site? Want it to stop showing up after they click “decline once”? Popups can be a huge deterrent for new visitors to your site that want to check out what you’re all about BEFORE they’re asked to sign up for something.

We’ll provide a timed popup that goes off after your user has been active for a certain amount of time on your site. It will track that computers visit across days, so if you wanted to wait till the user had been on your site for a total of say one hour across several days, that is something this popup will do for you.

We can also preset the number of times the popup will show the user after they have declined.

The basic purchase gets you an HTML e-mailer form attached with no CSS. Alternatively, if you have HTML ready to go, I can take that and put it into the popup free of charge.